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Tag…you’re It

BVN tagged me on my other blog. So here goes.

Three things that scare me

2.The phone ringing in the middle of the night
3. Alzheimer’s disease

Three people who make me laugh

1.Jagathy Sreekumar
2.My l’l girl acting oh-so-mature
3.Tom and Jerry

Three things I love

1. My husband waking me up with my morning chaya
2. The sound of my kids playing WITHOUT squabbling.
3. My ENTIRE family, getting together for a late night round of Chinese Rummy and laugh fest. (A rare event now, with everyone scattered about)

Three things I hate

1. Cats
2. Waking up very early in the morning
3. Coming back to an empty house after a nice vacation back home

Three things I don’t understand

1. Why some Americans still call Iraq ‘I-rock’. Come on, after all this, you’d think they’d at least learn to say the name of that country right. Forget about identifying it on the map.
2. How people actually find the comedy of Kaundamani and Chenthil funny.
3. Why guys are still fantasizing about Jaya Bharathi and Seema, and googling for them. (believe me my stat counter does not lie, and those are two of the top keywords that bring people to my blog almost EVERYDAY)

Three things on my desk

1.A very fancy basket that was supposed to help me organize and put away stuff. But it just holds a whole lot of junk, and adds to the clutter.
2.A dirty tea-cup with dried up tea stuck to the bottom.
3.An antique looking pair of jhimkis/jhumkas.

Three things I am doing right now

1.Thinking up of the best excuse for not cooking dinner tonight. (Can’t say I was tagged can I?)
2.Trying to think of something funnily clever for this tag.
3.Listening to early Ilayaraja numbers.(poonkathave thazh thiravai right now…)

Three things I want to do before I die

1. Float down a Venetian canal on a gondola. Just hubby and me. No kids plz.
2.Publish a book/ grow a Bonsai.
3.Go on a Kailash Manasarovar Yatra like my brother did.

Three things I can do

1. Cook up a mean Kothuporotta.
2. Find something to worry about on an absolutely perfect day and in the process, make life generally miserable for everyone around, esp. my long- suffering husband.
3. Remember a whole lot of trivia, and the lyrics of most old evergreen mallu songs.

Three things you should listen to

1. Balamurali Krishna singing’Entaro Mahanu bhavulu…’ Sublime.
2. When someone says, “Don’t look now”.
3. People concerned about the environment

Three things you should never listen to

1. Telephone cross-talks
2. The person who thinks you were put on the planet to hear him/her talk.
3. Someone who says, “Nah, you’ll never be able to do that.”

Three things I’d like to learn

1. How to make really good ‘ada prathaman’.
2. To play the Veena again.
3. To write without rambling

Three favourite books

This is a tough one for a bookworm like me.

1.Poetry of Keats, Tagore, Bharathi, Neruda
2.Mystic Musings by Jaggi Vasudev
3.Harry Potter, Mr. God This is Anna

Three favourite food

Another tough one for a foodie like me.

1.Eggs in any form except raw
2.Nikunjam chillie chicken/killipaalam thattu chicken fry with chappathi/porotta
3. Red rice, sambhar, fish fry combo/rice, pappadam and chammanthi.

Three beverages I drink regularly

1. My morning cup o’ tea. Am a dopey eyed zombie till it goes in and wakes me up.
2. My own smoothies/mocktails using any fruit or juice I can lay my hands upon. Mandatory ingredients being mango pulp and rose syrup. (yeah, go puke.)
3. Sweet Sodanga. (soda narangavellam/bonji J. by another name…fresh lime soda, lemon soda, fizzy lemonade, etc. but nothing comes close to the ones we used to have, on the way back to the YWCA hostel, from the pettikada on the lane along University College, near Spencer’s -now Foodworld.

Three TV shows/books I watched/read when I was kid

1. Almost everything by Enid Blyton
.2. Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Indrajal Comics, Poompatta, Balarama, Chandamama
3. Giant Robot, Barbapappa(anyone remember that?), old popular American and British TV serials aired on Rupavahini, Sri Lanka’s Doordarshan. It took a while before my part of the country could watch Indian TV. Funny huh?)

Three people I like to tag.

1. Dilip Krishnan
2. Sabin Iqbal
3. PKMadhavan


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  1. Play the veena again? Lucky you that you learned to play it the first time 🙂


  2. jose,
    agreed, u simply cannot limit urself to three. or for that matter any number. but the whole funda of the tag is that u just put down whatever comes to the top of ur mind at that point of time. its just a fun exercise, a fun way to connect with people online and maybe, just maybe think a little. normally u just pull off the first thing that comes to mind. any tagger and tagged knows very well that 3 is just a number and the list definitely does not stop there. the moment i put it up i realized there were other stuff i shd have put up rather than this.but i know that if i go back and edit it, i shall only end up editing it every day. so there it stays, in no way fuly definitive of my likes or dislikes. just the tip of the iceberg so to say… oru saagaram pole virinju kidakkukayalle possibilities. athil ninnum a few drops… oru rasathinu vendi. athhraye ullu. come on , loosen up jose…:)
    anyway i appreciate ur comments:) i did wonder why u didn’t leave a comment after visiting. thank you.


  3. ..sometimes i wonder..why do folks make lists…does it give likes and dislikes more clarity…how can one limit onself to can one choose between eliot and neruda..or for that matter between hamlet and the importance of being earnest..nuzrat fateh ali khan..lata..the beatles..then where do i put simon and garfunkel..mukesh and yesudas…what if like more novelists than joyce.. marquez.. and o v vijayan…to hell with lists…imagine limiting myself to the godfather..devasuram and sholay..geez there are so many more…I SIMPLY REFUSE TO LIMIT MYSELF TO THREE…i envy as well as pity you..come on break free..let the list go on and on and on………the possibilities are endless….



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