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Matters of Faith and Other Such Things

Go on, make your own statement. Never mind that it might hurt the sentiments of a billion plus people. After all, they are the punching bags. When they believe, it is superstition, when others believe, it is faith. When they protest it is stoking communal flames, when others protest, they are fighting for minority rights.Where are you oh breastbeaters! The harpies and bleeding hearts who cannot bear a pinprick against humanity? Oops my mistake. Their hearts do not bleed or their voices shrill for everyone. Hmm, they do not even consider you human. What was I even thinking of? Like the emotions of a billion plus even matter!

And all you billion plus out there, followers of the most ancient faith in the world, pray while you can. ‘Your’ government by tomorrow probably would have outlawed your favorite gods and made praying to them illegal. After all what proof do you have of their existence?

All you have to show is millennia of unwavering faith that stood the test of time and sword. Or maybe you have a few paltry epics and songs composed as manifestations of purest bhakthi, in moments of Supreme Oneness. All your Thyagaraja Swamis and Tulsidases and Meerabhais and Chaithanya Mahaprabhus were probably hallucinating. Hah! Just psychological bull…

As for your countless gods, did you know they are being stretched out on Freudian couches and ‘erudite’ papers are being published about them. Go read them for your daily fix of the most absurd and most outrageous interpretations ever.

After all, what ‘scientific proof’, what hard proof do you have to explain your beliefs? Never mind that you follow the most scientific of faiths or that your faith has been the only one that has allowed scientific enquiry.

And while you are at it, don’t you dare question the beliefs of others. I could come up with a bunch of them, but my faith, which inculcates in me a basic respect for all faiths, prevents me from making such mindless statements.

Around the world, even the mighty tread carefully when it comes to matters of faith. Even the most innocuous details are handled with respect. Because when it comes to faith, it is a matter beyond question, beyond political statements, often beyond rational justifications, beyond government interference.

But over here, anyone can have a go. It’s a free for all. After all, who care about you? Even you do not. It is those among you that make such statements. Why else would you elect your spineless and senseless leaders? Fall at their ‘worthy’ feet, why lick their boots if it so pleases you, carry them on your heads and beg them to debase you. You deserve those who rule over you.

Meanwhile I have only one thing to tell the UPA government: “Koththi koththi muraththil keri koththatheda makane…”

P.S. Hate mail expected. feel free to drop in a line.


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  1. strange…very strange that you assumed i believe in the houris and all the other grandmother stories associated with religions…and i am no atheist…everybody has a right to his or her faith
    …but not in the public domain…turning water into wine and monkeys building bridges shouldn’t be the theoretical base on which a country bases its economic policies and infrastructural aspirations…and like you said you don’t have to justify yourself to anybody…your faith is your business…where did you get the impression that i am a Hindu basher? and that it is okay to ridicule Hindu beliefs….cool down lady…NINTE VISHWASAM NINNE RAKSHIKETTE…INNIKU VENTIYUM PRATHIKIKA…….


  2. jose,
    it is of no concern here whether i believe that a bunch of monkeys built the bridge or a band of ‘humans’ on their way to evolution. or whether there was some form of man made/natural link with lanka in days of yore. remember it all used to be one big land mass.
    the concern here is a matter of faith or rather the faith a particular segment. you display the typical attitude of most people. anything goes if you attack hinduism. we are expected to take things lying down. mouth a word of protest and there you go branded a communalist or fundamentalist.

    so what exactly is the perfect view of hinduism? that according to amartya sen and other assorted intellects? i know what it is, anyone that condemns hindu beliefs, makes fun of hindu practices and generally tries to disassociate himself from the religion is accepted as the perfect example of hinduism. isn’t that what you would love to hear?

    fyi, i do not get my daily dose of hinduism from togadia or singhal. i have my own direct line.
    the famous hindu tolerance is driven to limits don’t you think? and once in a while things do burst out. now i know what u are going to say: that i condone the post godhra events. no i do not.
    what really galls me is the attitude that poeple can get away saying anythign about our beliefs. no one gives a damn about that. and that doddering old fool karunanidhi, pleease, don’t tell me you support his views. i happen to know very well where he comes from. he and his rabid crowd and their ‘god’ evr.
    see, i know that evr’s garlanding of ram’s pic with slippers or a stupid question doubting the existence of ram is not going to really affect my religion. and it is this belief that has kept it alive all these years. but sometimes it is difficult to stomach certain things.
    so according to you i am incapable of enjoying alliyambal. don’y worry i am perfectly capable of it because everyday i chant ‘loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu’. and never say that someone else is on the way to hell because they do not happen to pray to my god, or go around trying to ‘cleanse’ people. i have absolutely no problem accepting another person’s version of god and i do not say that another person prays to ‘satan’. so, i shd listen to manushyan… yes i know that. so the broad minded you are an atheist? i also know that a truly enlightened form of atheism is accepted in hinduism. something like the tatwamasi principle.
    just tell me one thing (i hate saying this and you must have noticed that i refrained from questioning the beliefs of anyone else, but i need to say this here in all justice)why is it that a virgin birth and resurrection, a belief in a heaven with 72 virgins waiting for you are all valid beliefs? and why was all that big noise when a hair went missing a few years back. appo bakkiyullavare thottu kalikkalle, hindus aakumbol, enthum aavaam alle? it is just that attitud ethat really maddens me. to be aacepted as a’true’ hindu you have to bash ur own religion. now plz tell me, how is that fair?
    and fyi,(not that i have to justify myself to you are anything, but just letting u know: some of my best friends happen to be christians and muslims and they who know me ‘know me’.


  3. y beat around the bush….do you honestly….ram ( i guess r should have been capitalized )…and a bunch of monkeys built an indo lankan bridge….cmon give me a break..pls dont give Hindus and Hinduism a bad name ….do u really subscribe to the saffron brigades lumpen view of hinduism…my teachers and friends who happen to behindus… i guess u should read radhakrishnan and amartya sen..instead of modi and advani…i guess i am mistaken maybe u get ur daily dose of hinduism from that praveen….whatshislastname nutcase from gujarat who also gives the medical profession a bad name…i wonder how u r capable of enjoying alli aambhal…. i guess u should listen to..Manushyan madhangake shrish….



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