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Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day to all those brave women out there taking life head on one day at a time:

The career woman trying to shatter her way through a glass ceiling.

The construction worker carrying bricks to build somebody’s concrete ceiling.

The impoverished woman working her butt off to put food into her children’s mouth.

The struggling woman hiding money from a drunkard of a husband.

The terrified young bride cowering before an abusive husband.

The woman in uniform facing enemy and domestic fire.

The woman seeking adventure living life on the edge.

The homemaker keeping down the rising nausea of ennui.

The beautiful young thing in a crowded bus combating wandering hands with safety pins.

The smart young thing in an air-conditioned office battling to outwit the wolfish boss.

The poor young thing out on her own fighting to keep off the pawing supervisor.

The old woman yearning for a visit from her children.

The young mother to be in the overwhelming thrill of her first contraction.

The helpless woman staying awake at a sick child’s bedside.

To every day that we successfully face the world.

To every woman who needs to works twice as hard.

To You and to Me, to all of Us,

Who hold the World in Our hands,

Happy Women’s Day!

I am smirking here.


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