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Close Encounter

I’ve heard said that when you have a near death experience,

You see your whole life flash by in a second…

Well, they were wrong. Or maybe it wasn’t near enough…,

The one I had yesterday

When a huge SUV almost crushed my tiny beetle.

My fault… but I swear I didn’t see it coming.

I swear I checked for oncoming traffic.

But then I was in a pretty foul mood

And that probably caused a blind spot.

He/she braked and I swerved

Tragedy averted.

He probably yelled at me.

I don’t know… but this I know,

Someone definitely is watching over me.

My dad or god or my dad as god.

Nothing flashed by me

No elation, no disappointment

No laughter, no tear

No triumph, no failure

Not one special moment from 38 years of life

No suppressed longing no repressed regret

No unbridled joy

Neither were there subconscious memories

All I thought was, “How stupid could I have been!”

“I put my kids in danger! How could I?”

All I heard was rebuke, “How could I be careless

With my kids in the car!”

Chastised, I pulled over for a breather

My daughter, the elder one who realized what just occurred

Hugged me in an effort to cheer

The other one, unaware, carried on demanding what she was demanding…

Life went on, as I drove to their next class

But it was quite a while before my hands stopped trembling.


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