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And We’re Back !

Here I am, back again, all new and freshly minted in my new avatar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen (drum roll please) ye olde battlefield Kurukshetra gets a major facelift.

Not that I had a choice! Just what do you do when friends literally bully you into defrosting your blog gone into deep freeze and stand over you, taser in hand, practically yelling,” Did you revamp your blog?” “Did you post a picture?” “You should add more media to your posts”, “Why the hell aren’t you blogging?” And eventually, they take things into their own hands and revamp your site and send you on such a guilt trip that you can do nothing but thaw out the old blog and get some fresh blood flowing… sheer emotional blackmail I tell you! 

But then, where would I be if not for such bullies who give a shot in the arm to my flagging confidence and get me back on my feet. Thank you Biju Ebenezer! You rock! The new look you gave my sorry old blog is so awesome that I am afraid to mess up now. I am inspired to write. And thanks for opening my eyes to the power of blogging.

As a mark of my newly minted confidence, the first thing I propose to do is to shed my mask. Yes, when I first stepped into the world of blogging, I chose to go incognito. Besides giving me a foothold to stand on till I worked up confidence to be mine own self, I also enjoyed the anonymity that it gave me. Thus was born Alakananda. And five years after i started off  with something very very close to my heart- the place I call home – Kanyakumari, I am back again. This time as my own self, Remitha Satheesh.

Kurukshetra will now have what I write for this blog and also links to my column ‘Kochu Varthamanam‘ at

I hope to see you all around and hear from you too.


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  1. Way to go, Remitha. Hope to read more from you. BTW I wholeheartedly agree about Biju…he electrified me. too!


  2. Wow! Impressive work of tasers I see! Looking forward to the Gourmet of articles 🙂 Loved the look and time to sail regularly 🙂
    All the best !!!!!!!!


  3. Welcome Alakananda. And all the best! I started with much gusto and lost steam mid-way! Hope things pick up now. 🙂


  4. welcome back—all the best


  5. Where would we be, if not for them Tasers ? The very best, for your new avatar 🙂



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