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Found and Lost!

There once was an actor, who seems to have disappeared now. He had entered the world of Malayalam movies as a raw young man, the suave villain in sun glasses, with shoulder length hair, bell bottoms, a collar the size of bath towels and spouting,

“Good Evening Mrs. Prabha Narendran!”

And this is how he walked into our hearts

Stuff that history is made of. He went on to portray some pretty nasty villains before he slowly moved up the social ladder to play the hero’s well-meaning, sacrificing friend or younger brother before finally reaching the top rung. And what a hero he was!

Mangalassery Neelakantan

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  1. Nice, Remitha. An actor with charisma like no other….Sad he did not take the trouble to nourish his gift, but just let it all go…



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