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Kanyakumari – More Than Just the Three Seas…

To most, there is nothing to Kanyakumari beyond the three seas. They know it just as the southern most tip of the Indian mainland where the three seas famously meet and probably a few would remember it for the iconic Vivekananda Rock or more recently, the majestic tribute in stone to the saint poet Thiruvalluvar who actually proved that brevity indeed is the soul of wit with his collection of couplets chock full of wisdom while the man who actually claimed so had to resort to a few thousand lines to say what he had to say.  (Err.. as you can see, brevity isn’t really my strong point and I tend to ramble… forgive me.)

But to me, Kanyakumari goes much beyond all that… My Kanyakumari is in the isolated stretches of unblemished beaches and in the gentle slopes of the purple mountains; in the rolling fields of paddy and the fragrant fields of flowers in the shadows of the windmills that stand guard like sentinels; in the charming brooks and lotus ponds; the banana groves and the coconut groves and the mango groves; the hidden gems of breathtaking natural beauty that thankfully only we locals know about and so have been safe from the stampede of tourists; the choked up roads and bustling towns… to me it is simply home. And when I say home, it extends beyond the specific borders of Nagercoil to encompass all of Kanyakumari.

And needless to say, I miss it more than words can ever convey…

Just one of the gorgeous views from atop Maruthuvamalai. Photo Courtesy, Kumar Mullakkal

The place has a rhythm of its own and a pace of its own. Life is generally laid back, but we like pretending that the world would come to a standstill if we do not get from point A to point B in a certain amount of time. Not pretend, maybe we truly believe so. But despite that we can always stop to say hello to a neighbour, give our two cents worth about anything from politics and farming to the unavailability of good fish these days and the soaring price of pichippoo. And of course discuss a mutual friend’s daughter who ran away with her classmate. Believe me, we are remarkably anxious about what is happening with everyone else’s life. In fact, our lives revolve around what’s happening in the next house… but then again, it is such a small place that everybody knows everyone else some way or the other. And I do think that we genuinely care.

We all love our hometowns and we all have a special place for them in our hearts, which we save just for those special moments when we love to wallow in the warmth of good old-fashioned nostalgia. While all hometowns are special, some are more special than others and forgive us Kanyakumarites if we tend to get a tad over zealous or over passionate about our home. That’s the way it is and that’s the way we are. Maybe it’s just a genetic thing brought on by an excess of Mattippazham in our diets…

So please join me on this journey, where I try to piece together a tapestry of its rich colour and warm people. Some of which you know, some of which is new. Because you need to know, that Kanyakumari is more, much much more than just the three seas…

PS: Many thanks to good friend Kumar Mullakkal who has very sweetly given me a free hand in using his collection of beautiful pictures taken all around Kanyakumari and Mr.Thiruvattar Sindhukumar  who has been kind enough to let me borrow his pictures.


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  2. To me Kanyakumari is the tourist trip to Vivekananda rock and the multi coloured necklaces and shells on the streets…Thanks for a peek into the Non-tourist’s Kanyakumari, Remitha. Hope to see and read more from you about it!


  3. Same here cannot wait to read more and have already told Durga, that I would be visiting Kanyakumari and Nagercoil once again, but this time focus would be the non-trodden paths 🙂 Can you add ‘Nagercoil’ and the Naga Temple to the tapestry as I have a family connection with the temple 🙂
    Beautifully written!


  4. I can’t wait, Remi…unfold the tapestry and promise me that the next time you are there, you are going take some pics and share them with us.



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