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An attempt at translation

Malayalam Poetry In Translation

Grandma had never seen the sea
But when she passed on, 
Her ashes were scattered 
At the confluence of seas.

While viewing the sights of the sea 
Through her sightless eyes, 
From inside the ash-bearing urn,
The wails of her girls draw grandma back

The urn, which thrice came back, 
Saying ‘ I don’t wish to see the sea, no!’ 
Finally goes back to the waves, reluctantly.

Written by : ASHALATHA

Translation : Anitha Varma

Alternate translation by Remitha Satheesh follows,

 The Sea

Grandma had never seen the sea
And when she died
Her ashes were dissolved 
In the ocean confluence

As she fumbles around in the urn, 
To see the ocean sights
With unseeing eyes,
The wailing of her daughters back home
Call grandma back.

The urn that turned back thrice to the shore
Not wanting to see the sea anymore
Returns to the waves.


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