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A Bench, A Path, And Some Thoughts

The Lone Bench

Somehow this picture I took  while on a walk refuses to leave me. There’s something about a lonely bench by a left strewn path that inspires something unspeakably sad. Like an unshed tear that stays behind to weigh your heart. Like it has so many tales to tell you if only you would stop to listen… Like it beckons you to rest a while and unburden your heart and leave  behind your aches to the wind like the scattered leaves…

I am the lone bench by the leaf-strewn path

Come stay a while and ease your heart.

Though a balm for your aches, I have none,

I have saved a space for them all.

the broken promises

the unsaid words

the silent phones

the unmailed letters

the missed rendezvous

the unspilled tears

the stolen moments

the unread lines

the desperate glances

the unsung songs

the aching smiles

the untaken rides

the bittersweet secrets

the unshared laughter

the half-eaten chocolates

the unloved nights

the raging storms

the unforgiving breeze

the held back caress

the ungiven kisses

the needless misunderstandings

the unresolved questions

the mute longings

the unfinished conversations

the forbidden loves

the unbidden goodbyes

the wrecked hearts

the unending pain

the relentless memories

the terrifying emptiness

Come rest a while; I take them all

And for each a leaf, I lay aside.

I am the lonely bench by the winding path

And beyond me lies infinity.


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  1. ‘There’s something about a lonely bench that inspires something unspeakably sad.’ True. That symbol keeps vibrating like a plucked tuning fork… and you have captured your thoughts well. Enjoyed your poem Remitha.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful


  3. Poignant thoughts – resonating within me ! So beautifully expressed.


  4. Beautiful and touching, Remitha.



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