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Somebody’s Child

syrian child

Somebody’s child

Driven out by

Somebody’s will

Kept out of

Somebody’s land

Washed up on

Somebody’s shore

Within the boundary of

Somebody’s lines.

Robbed sleep off

Humanity’s eyes.

A stricken world

Burns at the stake

Driven to madness

By a single thought.

Who let Somebody

Draw those lines?

How many limp ragdolls

Will it take,

Before Somebody

Removes those lines?


7 responses »

  1. Muralidharan Shanmugan

    True Feelings…..
    Well structured in simple words..


  2. Beautifully written….and so hauntingly true….


  3. Beautiful and touching….brings tear to my eyes. Indeed when will humanity wake up to this tragedy????


  4. Beautifully framed outburst of feelings when the pic of a baby was there in front of u….a true feel….

    Liked by 1 person


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