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When Crowd Pulling Does not Equal Excellent Acting


Yes, there is a new kid on the block, just a couple of mustache twirls away from superstardom. But what I don’t get is why everyone is going gaga over him. Yes, he is good and there are a few roles he can actually carry off. His first few movies were quiet good, or rather, entertaining. But then it got kind of stilted. And the kind of worship for him that I see amuses me. Clenching your muscles and glowering does not count as fine acting or a mark of toughness. It is simply posturing. And honestly, he looks quite silly doing it. Accessorizing with a beard that is one size too big on you is not a sign of toughness either. The beard needs to sit naturally on you. This rather reminds me of that unnatural thing growing atop Donald Trump’s head. 

Not all among the younger crowd are bad. There are some fresh talents that show promise and are bound to be around for the long haul based on sheer talent. I am not going into any names here. But we have a few really good ones, one of whom can even emote expertly with just his eyes. And they draw from a fount that goes beyond merely a good gene pool. There is some hardcore individual talent there.

And the Mallu crowd that is busy declaring him the next super hero and lavishing praise on him for his acting skills … please stop embarrassing yourselves. Agreed he is a crowd puller and did not have any filmi connections whatsoever to make it big. He came with nothing except a passion for cinema and the readiness to pursue that passion despite a coveted IT job. There is also a certain ‘boy-next-door’ look about him that makes one easily identify with him. But my dear Malayalam movie enthusiasts, you come from the land that saw towering giants, the likes of Sathyan, Thilakan, Gopy, Nedumudi, Oduvil, Mohanlal (the early years) and so on. This new ‘hero’ is like a delusional Pomeranian puppy, growling like a German Shepherd. Seriously, just think about it: Those stalwarts brought more to the screen in a single frame, than he does with three hours of screen time.

But then again, maybe it’s all the fault of the New Gen – the viewers I mean and not the filmmakers. How many of them must have seen the classics where the acting prowess of those titans was on full blast?

I think the whole trend was summed up in this one experience of mine. I spoke to one of those pretty young things that write about the movie industry for one of those instant gratification websites and we got to talking about good movie based websites. I asked her if she was familiar with

Her flippant reply: “Bharath Gopy? Oh, that bald guy? He has a website in his name? I wonder how he even got into movies, the way he looks!”

I could speak no further. I shrank back in anguish. In my world, there are some names that are uttered only with the utmost reverence, in hushed tones and with the greatest awe.



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  1. It’s clear from your words that you’re intending & belittling Nivin Pauly here but I disagree with you regarding your description about the so-called yesteryear “colossus” that you’ve mentioned here because most of them in their initial movies were pretty average in their performances especially Mohanlal. During the beginning of his career he looked utterly unappealing & his acting skills very below par but as time progressed he grew into a brilliant actor as what he is now. Every so-called “Superstar” rose to that stature because of sheer luck & favourable timing, not just Nivin Pauly alone. Is Rajinikanth physically appealing to you or is Chiranjeevi a brilliant actor that they both rose to stardom? Nothing at all, it’s just that they were appealing & entertaining to the masses, that’s all. Btw, Nivin Pauly is a good actor too, not just a mere entertainer alone. The present generation aren’t alien to yesteryear movies of stalwarts like Mohanlal but it’s no more appealing to them as it used to with the previous generation due to the fact that tastes have changed along with the times.


  2. I’m no great fan of the guy. In the acting department he manages to put up a good show but is yet to prove his brilliance.
    In the looks department,I don’t think much of him.
    And range of acting…? We have to wait and see.
    So what makes him tick?
    A little of all of the above plus LOADS of luck.
    Well….problem could be with my taste which was thoroughly ‘spoilt’ by those colossuses of the 70s and 80s.
    Predictably, most of his fans are youngsters born after the golden era of Malayalam cinema got over


  3. Oh my! My friend and myself was having the same conversation about the same actor you mentioned. There are Actors who are worth mentioning, but then in this world of instant-gratification , we can’t ask for more. There are movies which are being watched for the cute hero or sexy actor or for comedy gimmicks. Leave alone the script, dialogues and music – nothing appeals. The movies which does not make us want to sit back and watch again are not true to its work – my opinion 😀



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