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The first born is already fed up with dorm life and wants to move into an apartment next year. So she and the two friends who are going to move into an apartment together are busy planning their décor, shopping for necessities etc., all three thrilled to get their ‘own’ place.

Sometimes I indulge her and let her tell me in detail about the plans she has for her place. She was discussing the color scheme she has in mind the other day.

The First Born: Amma, picture this! Our kitchen is going to be all blue with accents of black and white. Everything with a matte or brushed finish. The appliances will be all color coordinated. A lovely shade of cerulean blue perhaps. The cookware will be a sturdy black. A cheerful space where we will be inspired to cook; to experiment with dishes created from new and hitherto strange ingredients. A place to hone our budding culinary skills.

Me: Okay.

The First Born: As for the dining area, ooh, I saw this really pretty dining room on Pinterest. I am going to recreate that, but with my own stamp on it.  It will be all black – matte again- with white and gold. Pristine white table napkins edged in gold, silverware – no make that goldware, plates and cups in white with gold trim… you know, the works. This is where the energy flows out from. The nerve center of the house, where we shall gather to rejuvenate and refuel. Where we shall have interesting and intelligent conversation with the delicate chink of fine cutlery against the plates.


The First Born: And then we move on to the living room. The formal face of the house. The windows to the soul of the house. Black, white, and gold  with elements of blue tying all the rooms together, thus creating harmony in the center. And that’s what our furniture will say to every visitor : Welcome! May you bring peace into this house and may harmony reign in your soul!


The First Born: I haven’t really given much though to the porch yet. Maybe some outrageously colorful lush pillows and cushions you can literally sink into… a tropical feel…

Me: Sounds interesting.

The First Born: So we need to go and buy all that stuff. Go on a shopping spree and find the perfect blues and blacks and golds and whites. We’ll get matching storage jars from IKEA. I’ll settle for that. I want everything to be just perfect. And the furniture might take a long while to get delivered. Can we go now?

Me: I’m just going to give you all my old cookware. The ones I was considering throwing away. And all those mismatched pieces, the dishes and pans I have bought over the years and didn’t know what to do with. I’ll throw in that spoon and fork set too. The ones with the bright multicolored plastic handles that was a wedding gift and I didn’t have the heart to throw away. I am so glad they are finding a home where they will be put to good use. Oh, and that tablecloth we bought from the dollar store for some party and never used. You won’t need table napkins. I have saved some yogurt containers and Horlicks bottles. those will do for storage. And I found some good furniture for sale on Craigslist. We have everything you need. And don’t forget to add a rice cooker to your shopping list. Rice – easiest thing to make. That is all the cooking you are going to be doing. That, a dabba of yogurt, bread and eggs and you are all set!


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  1. nah…u just cubed the dramatic flow a budding interior designer [of dreams[….haha….I could feel that sense of relief in you when u finally got ur chance to say

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