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The Chromosome Chronicles

Sunday Morning Conversation

The XY Chromosome in its natural habitat

9 am. 

XX Chromosome: So I take Daughter #2 to dance class and will be back by 10.30.   Let’s make it brunch today. There is no time for a separate breakfast and lunch. Unless you want to grab a bowl of cereal.

XY Chromosome: Okay.

XX Chromosome: Then we go grocery shopping. I need you to come with me to the store so that we can split and shop. That way we can be done sooner.

XY Chromosome: Sure.

XX Chromosome: I have my class at 2. I need to put in at least 30 minutes of practice before I go for my class. I’ll be back four…ish. You can go for your game of badminton when I’m at my class.

XY Chromosome: Mmm…

XX Chromosome: After class I’ll finish up cooking dinner and a couple of dishes for the week ahead. It’s a busy one and I may not have time in the evening to make full meals. Actually, if you help me chop the veggies, we’ll be done much quicker.

Then we can relax and catch up with the new episode of This is Us we missed.

XY Chromosome: Okay.

XX Chromosome: Sound like a plan? 

X Y Chromosome (eyes steadfastly glued to the TV): Perfect!! 

XX Chromosome (up in her head): That reply came too quickly.

(Aloud): What did I just say?

XY Chromosome: That you are taking her to her dance class now. You’ll come back and cook dinner when I go to play badminton. Then we can watch This is Us.”

XX Chromosome: *Too stunned to reply*. 

XY Chromosome: Ha! You thought you could say I didn’t listen, didn’t you? Score Y Chromosome!!

XX: *Pling!*

#wonders never cease

#at a loss for words

#specially wired

#i give up

#true story


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