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A Sweet and Spicy Love Story a.k.a Appam and Mutton Curry

(All images courtesy Bhairavi Remitha)

There she sat, in all her demure softness; decked in a pristine white bodice while her frilly, lacy golden brown skirt billowed around her in scalloped perfection. She sat waiting, waiting for her beloved, shooting coy glances towards him.

And there he was, her soulmate, suave and dashing in his rich brown coat, drowning her with the smoldering, hot look he sent in her direction. He was built like a Greek God – dark, brooding. The meat, potatoes and onions coming together in balanced perfection to create her perfect mate – the man of her dreams.

She could wait no longer.

“My hero!” She cooed, as she reached out to him. He took her hand in a gentle clasp. She burrowed herself into his steamy warmth, breathing in deep of his spicy aroma. “Mmm, you smell so good. What’s that fragrance?”

“You like it?” he whispered as he swept her into his arms. “It’s called Garam Masala. Heady mix of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel….” He could no longer think straight. “…..and a bunch of other stuff… that’s not important…” he murmured as he started losing himself in the cloudlike softness of her heaving bosom.

He could no longer hold back, and embraced her in all her glory.

“I waited all my life for you,” she said, thinking back to all she had done to get here. The endless soaking in water, the horrible sensation of going around in dizzy circles and being crushed, how they drugged her with yeast, and then the final wait. The night of anticipation, her emotions brimming and bubbling as she rose up to be just perfect for him. It all seemed like a dream now that she was finally in his arms.

“Me too my love, I waited a lifetime for this moment. And I… I would rather not remember what I went through to get here.”

“It’s all behind us now my dearest, and we are together now. Forever!”

And she drew him into her.

“This is so good,” she gasped as she soaked in all his fragrant goodness, into every pore of her being. He was totally lost. And so was she. So much so, it was next to impossible to state where he began and she ended.


They were just perfect together. A match made in heaven. Appam and Mutton Curry.

Needless to say, they lived happily ever after.


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  1. Omg. Now I simply gotta have appam and mutton curry, preferably made by you, lol! Superbly written 😀


  2. Started reading with a smile and ended with rolling on the floor with laughter……bliss



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