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Remitha SatheeshKurukshetra’s Alakananda is Remitha Satheesh,  a columnist on  She is a home maker living the ‘easy life’ in the US of A, juggling her time cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring and playing maid.

In between, she nurses fanciful delusions of being the next JK Rowling and tries to ‘write’. This blog is an example of one of those attempts.

While here, do leave your ‘footprints’ in the form of comments. I look forward to you dropping by my Kurukshetra quite often…


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  1. Remitha! This is good. I’m very proud and motivated by you.:-)


  2. I came across your beautiful eulogy about late Dr. Indra Surendran. I am also from Nagercoil and I believe I may have known you from St. Joseph’s. Just want to thank you for the soulful write up.


  3. Hi Remitha,

    Nice to know you through your Blog.

    A very enlightening encounter about the humble banana chips, humble not anymore.

    If i ever visit Nagercoil, which is possible ,cos anything is possible in this world, i’ll know where to head first 🙂




  4. nice one Remitha, thanx for touching the taste cord, which triggers back the missed tastes and flavours of NGL

    Also there used to be another bakery, called ‘TheTops’ near the Duthy school. it used to be one of the best before the ‘greatest bakery. I havent eaten better ‘apple cakes or sponge cakes’ than this anywhere in the world !!!

    thanx and keep writing.!!


    • Thanks Rajesh.. a trip back home, whether in person or through what i read/write is always a pleasure. i am glad to share that with people like you. yes, i remember Tops too… i’ve been having a craving for apple cake for a while now…


    • Thanks Remitha and Rajesh , the tops cakes puffs , and fresh bread in the late afternoon for evening Tea. The chips — unforgettable , my brother brought it with him to London and send it by post , for me to open at the hospital late night in front of everyone. One chip politely accepted , turned to ” can I have one more …” Needless to say the whole pack was over in a few minutes !!


  5. oh oh i didnt know that you had a blog. just read the dr suess piece and words fail me…good luck, Remi and do send me every word you happen to write ever!!



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