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Of Slippers, Rings, And Other Such Trinkets

The philosopher Blaise Pascal once remarked, “Cleopatra’s nose, had it been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed.” Something tells me it wasn’t just the nose that would have changed the history of the world. A nose ring perhaps.

Just take a gander through history and literature and look at the havoc created by the various accessories women use to adorn themselves. Maybe it wasn’t havoc all the time, but you have to admit that the various trinkets women wear have played significant roles in many tales.

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Post 101- Looking Back with Gratitude


WordPress tells me this is my 101st post. Wow! The day I started blogging, way back in November 2006, I never dreamed I would get this far. It all began far, far away in a land called Rediffiland. The Ilanders were a motley crowd of wonderful people. Some of the best blogger friends I made were early dwellers of this mystic place. We all came together, supporting, motivating and being there for each other as we learnt the ropes of blogging. Somewhere along the way, the place unravelled and most of us migrated to WordPress or Blogger. But the friendships that sprouted there haven’t faded away. They merely spilled over to Facebook and continue to thrive.   Read the rest of this entry

A Song that is a Barometer and a River Like no Other – Neeraduvan Nilayil

And Quiet Flows the Nila

And Quiet Flows the Nila (Pic Courtesy : Wikipedia)

There must be something in the waters of Bharathapuzha. How else do you explain all that cultural, literary, spiritual and artistic magnificence that sprouted and thrived along its banks?

Unfortunately all that magnificence seems to have given way for maleficence these days from what I hear. The general malaise of corruption that seems to be killing life as it should be lived everywhere, is slowly choking the life out of Bharathapuzha too. But we are not here to discuss that. It’s Bharathapuzha as Nila that I come to talk about and as Nila, she continues to flow unabated, because she flows where no corruption can breach an entry – in the psyche of every Malayali who cherishes his art, his music and his poetry. And there, she is no mere river; she is a manifestation, of a whole ethos. Read the rest of this entry

Scent of Earth and Dusk Maiden by Lanternlight – Shararanthal Thirithanu Mukhilinkudilil


Pic Courtesy : Kumar Mullackal

I wish someone would bottle up the scent of the earth. Yes, scent. Not fragrance. Raw scent. Period.

Petrichor, they call it. The gasp of the parched earth as the first drops of rain caress it.

They say that if you are anaemic, you are more acutely aware of the scent of the earth. I was at one time. All it took was a drop on the parched earth to send me into a crazy whirlpool of lust for the earth. Now I am healthier and unquenchably thirsty. Read the rest of this entry

The Songs of Kanyakumari (1974)

The third and final part by CM on the movie Kanyakumari.


KS Sethumadhavan’s Kanyakumari (1974) had 2 songs in Malayalam written by Vayalar, set to music by MB Sreenivasan. There is an English song credited for its lyrics and music to MB Srinivasan but I strongly contest that and feel a collaborator on the lyrics have been left out. There are two instrumental pieces, catering to two disparate forms of dance as it were, a Shiv Parvati Lasya piece, and a music montage of Jayan’s memories of his Bohemian life, of a life-time of drugs, sex and rock-n-roll.

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Kanyakumari (1974) | Weird dialects, a strange lucky mascot and melody time-travels

The second in a three part series by CM.


Kanyakumari (1974) -Title Card

After watching Kanyakumari (1974) by the KS Sethumadhavan – MT Vasudevan Nair duo, there are places your eyebrows go, at times in puzzlement, at times in amusement and at times with sheer curiosity. These are what I felt had to be put down in a separate, yet related note. Who knows, you would find more, once you have watched the movie, or recall it from the times you watched it four decades back.

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Classic Picks | KS Sethumadhavan | Kanyakumari (1974)

For the second post in our ‘Kanyakumari Captured on Film’ series, let me borrow from Cine Matters at the Old Malayalam Cinema 🙂
Thank you CM for doing this:)


This is fondly dedicated to a “Kanyakumari Evangelist “ 🙂

Kanyakumari (1974), directed by KS Sethumadhavan based on MT Vasudevan Nair’s screenplay also had a unique pairing onscreen that was never repeated ever – Kamal Haasan with Rita Bhaduri   ( NOT to be confused with the younger sister of Jaya Bhaduri), that too in a Malayalam film production! It was her second movie in her career having graduated from the Pune Film Institute in 1973. Zarina Wahab, her batch-mate, however decided to stick with Malayalam films along with her work in Hindi, and even started off paired opposite, guess whom – Kamal Haasan in Malayalam, in Madanolsavam (1978).

This was also Kamal Haasan’s first film in Malayalam in a leading (?) role, after his debut in Kannum Karalum (1961), which again was by KS Sethumadhavan. Kanyakumari (1974) portrays a brief increment in time, centred around…

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