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Sandham – Sangam Poetry meets Symphony

This was a rendezvous that was two millennia in the making. What else can you say about this album? Surprising isn’t it, that this mother lode of possibilities stayed untouched for two thousand years? I don’t mean from a research or academic point of view. Plenty on that front. I mean musically. Read the rest of this entry



Sometimes, while reading a book, you come across a line and you can go no further. It doesn’t matter if you were in the thick of things, it doesn’t matter if some great mystery that had you in its clutches since page one is about to be revealed with the turn of a page. Nothing matters. Except that line. You simply cannot turn the page or read a single word further. Read the rest of this entry

Song of Salty Memories – Ee Rathriyil Njan Ezhuthunnu Meets Neruda’s Tonight I can Write

Shutter was a movie I enjoyed immensely, apart from the tight script and excellent acting, something else in the movie too grabbed my attention. A song. A few lines into it, I had a strange sense of deja vu. Something about it sounded so achingly familiar and close to heart. I am pretty tone deaf. It’s usually the words of a song that register in my mind first. So it was, in this case too. Yes, it was beginning to fall in place. I was recognizing the lines, although meeting those beloved lines here was quite unexpected. A quick Google search confirmed my doubts. Ee Rathriyil Njan Ezhuthunnu was indeed what I thought it was. Read the rest of this entry

Post 101- Looking Back with Gratitude


WordPress tells me this is my 101st post. Wow! The day I started blogging, way back in November 2006, I never dreamed I would get this far. It all began far, far away in a land called Rediffiland. The Ilanders were a motley crowd of wonderful people. Some of the best blogger friends I made were early dwellers of this mystic place. We all came together, supporting, motivating and being there for each other as we learnt the ropes of blogging. Somewhere along the way, the place unravelled and most of us migrated to WordPress or Blogger. But the friendships that sprouted there haven’t faded away. They merely spilled over to Facebook and continue to thrive.   Read the rest of this entry

The Darkness Within


There is such a darkness within me that seems to grow with me.
A darkness that bores into my being
And fills up every empty space with its foulness.
Blinding, choking. Read the rest of this entry

Scent of Earth and Dusk Maiden by Lanternlight – Shararanthal Thirithanu Mukhilinkudilil


Pic Courtesy : Kumar Mullackal

I wish someone would bottle up the scent of the earth. Yes, scent. Not fragrance. Raw scent. Period.

Petrichor, they call it. The gasp of the parched earth as the first drops of rain caress it.

They say that if you are anaemic, you are more acutely aware of the scent of the earth. I was at one time. All it took was a drop on the parched earth to send me into a crazy whirlpool of lust for the earth. Now I am healthier and unquenchably thirsty. Read the rest of this entry

Of Blogs and Blocks

Blocks and Blogs

It’s a block. A humongous one the size of Texas and it is bothering me no end. Thanks to it, a couple of stories and a few posts lie languishing in my system, unfinished and unappealing. Whatever it is, I find it very convenient to blame it all on the all-encompassing WRITER’S BLOCK. Thank god for whoever invented or discovered it. I can lay the blame at that door for my inabilities and shortcomings and frustrations and lack of time and loss of the creative urge and ….. hey who am I trying to fool here…. Simply put, lay the blame for my laziness. Read the rest of this entry