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Of Slippers, Rings, And Other Such Trinkets

The philosopher Blaise Pascal once remarked, “Cleopatra’s nose, had it been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed.” Something tells me it wasn’t just the nose that would have changed the history of the world. A nose ring perhaps.

Just take a gander through history and literature and look at the havoc created by the various accessories women use to adorn themselves. Maybe it wasn’t havoc all the time, but you have to admit that the various trinkets women wear have played significant roles in many tales.

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Post 101- Looking Back with Gratitude


WordPress tells me this is my 101st post. Wow! The day I started blogging, way back in November 2006, I never dreamed I would get this far. It all began far, far away in a land called Rediffiland. The Ilanders were a motley crowd of wonderful people. Some of the best blogger friends I made were early dwellers of this mystic place. We all came together, supporting, motivating and being there for each other as we learnt the ropes of blogging. Somewhere along the way, the place unravelled and most of us migrated to WordPress or Blogger. But the friendships that sprouted there haven’t faded away. They merely spilled over to Facebook and continue to thrive.   Read the rest of this entry

2 States and an Appeal to Bollywood

Dear Bollywood,

The next time your big airy head comes up with the idea of a South Indian character, please make sure that he or she says AT LEAST SOME of the words right.

Like Sambar for example.

authentic south indian sambar

Sambar courtesy Mohini Sharma. Thank you Mohini, the sambar tastes as delicious as it looks.

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Kanyakumari Captured on Film

sunsetKanyakumari district has an abundance of beauty – both of the natural and manmade kind – a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by filmmakers always on the lookout for scenic locales.

So Kurukshetra is starting off on a series of Malayalam and Tamil movies that have been shot in Kanyakumari (hereafter Kanyakumari refers to the district as a whole and not just the town at land’s end where the three seas meet, unless otherwise specified). Over the weeks we shall rediscover these movies, which I feel, can be broadly classified into three categories: Read the rest of this entry

A Unique Melody Indeed!


Srividya in Apoorva Ragangal (1975) I have been told to lay off the adjectives for this one. But when the subject is Vidyamma, it is a tough task for me. So forgive me if a couple do manage to creep in.

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When Gold Turns Golden

First there was the radio, a big brown and gold one that was given pride of place atop the ‘showcase’ which held the good ‘curios,’  a bunch of LP records and my sister’s old notebooks filled with pages and pages of songs in her neat rounded handwriting. And then there was the voice which raised all those inanimate objects to something shining with life, shimmering with sheer magic or should I say glowing with divinity? Read the rest of this entry