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Trivandrum-Kanyakumari Highway Vs Nagercoil-Chennai Highway; A Tale of Two Roads

During my routine phone call home this morning, my sister mentioned that work is all set to begin on the Nagercoil-Trivandrum Highway in a couple of weeks. Flyover at Parvathipuram, Flyover at Marthandam… I think I heard a host of angels burst into song at that and the rest was lost in the music. Or maybe it was just my heart going into an overdrive of joy. Whatever that may be, it brought to mind this old post I had written five years ago for my column Kochu Varthamanam on
Reposting here in the hope that during my next trip home, I will not be put through the same torture.  Read the rest of this entry


Chennai – I Bow to You

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Chennai has always been a city I loved to hate. But the feelings that flood rush through my mind right now about this city are far from hostile. Chennai, where I lived for 15 months and counted each day till I could get out of there. Chennai, which has now become a necessary inconvenience every time I go to India because of a lousy visa situation which requires me to go renew my Visa at the US Consulate – a requirement done now over two days instead of the earlier torture which was confined to one day. Read the rest of this entry