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The Chromosome Chronicles

Sunday Morning Conversation

The XY Chromosome in its natural habitat

9 am. 

XX Chromosome: So I take Daughter #2 to dance class and will be back by 10.30.   Let’s make it brunch today. There is no time for a separate breakfast and lunch. Unless you want to grab a bowl of cereal. Read the rest of this entry


Life’s Tough

Reblogging an old column (yes I am big on recycling). This was published on May 14th 2010. 

Life’s tough …when you’re a mom or a wife. But know what’s tougher? Being the mom of a teenage daughter AND the wife of an over-protective, paranoid father.

The battle starts in the morning, when she gets ready for school. She comes all dressed for school wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. After all, it is summer and the mercury shoots up pretty high here. I bought her those shorts last summer. Four seasons later, the girl has grown taller and the shorts have become shorter.

And the drama starts. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Hear It For The Dads

When I wrote a column dedicated to moms on Mother’s Day, a friend of mine asked me if the role of a father in the upbringing of a child was any less, I told him to wait till Father’s Day for my answer.

Read the rest here.