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A Sweet and Spicy Love Story a.k.a Appam and Mutton Curry

(All images courtesy Bhairavi Remitha)

There she sat, in all her demure softness; decked in a pristine white bodice while her frilly, lacy golden brown skirt billowed around her in scalloped perfection. She sat waiting, waiting for her beloved, shooting coy glances towards him. Read the rest of this entry

The Golden Goodness of Banana Chips Served the Nagercoil Way

The best snack ever!

The best snack ever!

There’s an easy way to test if one is from Nagercoil (or thereabouts). Just offer him or her chips. Yes, good old banana chips bought from any random place out of town. Chances, are, the Nagercoilite will say, “No thank you,” or just take a couple of them for the sake of courtesy and munch on them half-heartedly. Read the rest of this entry