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Remember When?

Back in the days
The first leaves of our notebooks
Were free of writing,
Save for our names and grades. Read the rest of this entry

Urgently Required – A Change In Attitude

We had to make an urgent trip to Washington DC this week on a small matter of getting a fresh lease of life for my daughter’s passport. I honestly did not look forward to the trip. I did not mind the five-hour drive to DC, but rather the visit to the Indian Embassy in Washington. Read the rest of this entry


Ode To Six Yards Of Mystique – Sari Tales

Ode To Six Yards Of Mystique – Sari Tales

Ursula Andress famously stepped out of the Caribbean Sea in a skimpy white bikini in ‘Dr. No‘, the first James Bond movie and gave men sleepless nights. Dimple Kapadia did the same when she stepped dripping wet, out of a swimming pool, in ‘Sagar’. The difference was that while the Bond girl resorted to just a miniscule amount of fabric to scorch the screen, the Bobby girl did it wrapped in six yards of blood red chiffon.

That, ladies and gentlemen is the power of the saree, feminine India’s national attire.    Read the rest of this entry

The Dilemma of a Kanyakumari Mallu

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This morning I must have received at least 5 greetings in my inbox. All from fellow Mallus wishing me on Kerala Piravi, November 1st, the day of the formation of the linguistic state of Kerala. They all carried beautiful hauntingly nostalgic, sunny, images of God’s Own Country, especially so for a person far away on the freezing shores of USA. ( As I write this, the temperature outside reads 6 degrees C ). Read the rest of this entry