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The Yogic Way


I do have my moments. Moments when the health bug bites me and I am off on a bout of healthy lifestyles, long walks and slimming diets. The one who suffers the most for the latter is of course my long-suffering husband who has by now been forced through every diet fad, from the Atkins to the Flexitarian. The logic behind it is simple, based upon a promise he made to me at some weak moment about eighteen twenty one years ago – that he would stick with me through thick and thin. Here I am trying to get thin. And I firmly believe that he needs to be with me. I am just trying to save him from breaking his word. Plus, the unwritten law that holds marriages together decrees that if I suffer, he does too. Read the rest of this entry


Wake Up And Smell The Conspiracy

It is a conspiracy, I realised. It had to be. Digital cameras and the weight loss industry (WLI) were in cahoots. Earlier the WLI had tried flooding the media and the minds of kids of impressionable ages and adults of not so impressionable ages with images of models, who looked like they might break if so much as a French fry touched them.

Then they got all the jeans manufacturers to go a size or two smaller. For example, all the size eight jeans were marked as size 10s. So the next time you innocently tried on your usual size, the jeans flatly refused to go beyond your knees. And you would be left throwing a fit in the fitting rooms or crumpling in their mirrored confines. Either way, you can look forward to a bout of depression – and your family to at least a week of misery.

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