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The Best Laid Meal Plans

Yearning for Junk

“Amma, what’s for dinner?” must be the most asked question in my home. That is, after “Can we go to the mall this weekend?” and “Can I have a sleepover tonight?” Understandably, I am more enthusiastic about this question and give detailed answers as opposed to the mono syllabic and hefty ‘NO’ I reserve for the other two.
The query came my way yesterday too. “Chappathi with minced broccoli mixed right into the atta, chicken breast and veggie stir fry and moong dal sprout salad. And you can wash it all down with a glassful of low sodium tomato juice! I’ll add some sugar to your kids’ glasses if you’d like it,” I announced with all the enthusiasm of Yashodha presenting a couple of butter balls to Baby Krishna. Unfortunately, they took the news like Kamsa did upon being told that his eighth nephew had deadly plans for his uncle!

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  1. 🙂 Just last year I was at the ‘Beginning’ of this article, where in I would ask, “Amma endha kazhikaan?” Nowadays, I miss asking the question. Woah! Dinner Platter is not only yummy for the tummy, but healthy and hearty too 🙂



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